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Sex Offense

Experienced in Defense Against Accusation of Sexual Assault

For over two decades, Mr. Weaver has been handling sexual assault cases. Whether the alleged crime is rape, rape of a child, child molestation, child pornography, human trafficking, or voyeurism, Mr. Weaver has handled it. Because of Mr. Weaver’s expertise on sexual assault and child molestation cases, he has been invited to speak at multiple seminars and trainings for other lawyers around the state of Washington.

The stigma that comes from being convicted of a sexual assault is unlike any other in the criminal law. It can result in lengthy prison sentences and lifetime sex offender registration. It can also result in being on probation for the rest of your life, even for a first offense. Having a trained and experienced lawyer handle the case from the beginning can sometimes save you years of punishment.

Difficult and Complicated Area of the Law

For many people, the first they hear that they are being investigated for a sexual assault is when they are contacted by a detective for a “friendly chat.” This friendly chat is rarely friendly and not for the purpose of chatting. A suspect should never agree to talk to the police without first talking to an experienced lawyer. Even if you are 100% innocent, there are many traps for the unwary. Before you talk to the Police, talk to Tom.

The law of sexual assault can be some of the most difficult in the whole area of criminal law. For instance, Washington law permits the hearsay statements of children, statements that would not otherwise be permitted in trial, to be introduced to the jury. The circumstances under which child hearsay can be admitted are very complex and require a sometimes lengthy pre-trial hearing. Mr. Weaver has handled scores of such cases, including arguing the admissibility of child hearsay evidence in the Washington Supreme Court. State v. L.J.M., 129 Wn.2d 386, 918 P.2d 898 (1996).

Successful Defense Experience

Sentencing issues in sexual assault cases can also be unusually complex. In one case, State v. Van Buren, 136 Wn.App. 577, 150 P.3d 597 (2007), the defendant was sentenced to ten years in prison, even though the law only permitted him to be sentenced to five years. Mr. Weaver doggedly fought his client’s case, appearing three times in the Court of Appeals and one time in the Supreme Court, until his client finally got properly sentenced.

Most of the individuals who have been convicted of a sexual assault are required to register as a sex offender for a period of time. It is sometimes possible to be removed from the sex offender registry, however. Mr. Weaver is very experienced in getting people off of the registry. The first step is to determine if you are even eligible to petition. Call the Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver for a free telephonic screening for eligibility.