DUI Defense Attorney

Many Consequences for a DUI Arrest

Getting arrested for DUI can be a significant event in one’s life. Washington state has mandatory minimum jail sentences and fines for anyone convicted of DUI, even if it is a first offense. In addition, most people rely on their driver’s license to transport them to work, school, daycare, etc. It is even possible to lose your driver’s license without ever being convicted of DUI.

The Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver has extensive experience in handling DUI arrests. It will do everything possible to prevent you from serving time in jail or losing your driver’s license. In order for you to maximize the benefits of a lawyer, it is best if you contact us as soon as possible, preferably within 20 days of arrest. Certain documents must be filed right away or you may lose your rights forever.

DUI Law is More Complex

The law of DUI has become much more complex in the past few years, as police officers are relying more and more on blood tests rather than breath tests. Also, the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington state, coupled with increased numbers of law enforcement officers being trained as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), has resulted in increased numbers of arrests for driving under the influence of controlled substances, including marijuana. At the Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver, we have kept abreast of all of these developments in the law.

Current on Changing DUI Law

Tom Weaver is a extremely knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney and has extensive experience in handling DUI arrests in Kitsap, Pierce, Mason, Thurston counties.

Mr. Weaver handled his first DUI jury trial over 25 years ago and has kept current on all the developments in this ever-changing area of the law. The legislature changes DUI law almost every year and it is important to keep up with the changes. Many of the changes result in significant litigation. In one case, State v. Robbins, 138 Wn.2d 486, 980 P.2d 725 (1999), Mr. Weaver argued a challenge to the DUI statute all the way to the Supreme Court.

If you do get convicted of a DUI, it is likely your license will get suspended. In some cases, it can be very difficult to have your driving privilege reinstated. Mr. Weaver has fought for years against the Department of Licensing to get people their driver’s license back. In one case, he argued a licensing issue to the Supreme Court. Bremerton v. Hawkins, 155 Wn.2d 107, 117 P.3d 1132 (2005).