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Criminal Law

25 Years of Criminal Law Experience

Criminal law is an interesting and varied field and the Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver takes pride in knowing it thoroughly.  With over 25 years of trial experience and almost 300 jury trials, Mr. Weaver has handled every type of crime on the books.  Murder, assault, burglary, robbery, theft, forgery, drug possession, drug delivery, sexual assault and rape, child molestation, DUI, and domestic violence are among some of the most common charges, but the law is not limited to these crimes.  The Washington Supreme Court has so much confidence in his ability to handle complex criminal cases, that he is the only attorney on the Kitsap Peninsula authorized to represent individuals in death penalty cases. http://www.courts.wa.gov/appellate_trial_courts/supreme/clerks/?fa=atc_supreme_clerks.display&fileID=attorney

Rules of Criminal Procedure

Regardless of what crime is alleged, Mr. Weaver knows and understands thoroughly the rules of criminal procedure and evidence.  Whenever there is a deviance from the proper procedure, Mr. Weaver will immediately spot the problem and do everything in his power to protect his client.  For instance, in one case, the judge unexpectedly changed the rules for jury selection in the middle of the trial and the Court of Appeals affirmed Mr. Weaver’s argument that this rendered his trial unfair.  State v. Brady, 116 Wn.App. 143, 64 P.3d 1258 (2003).  In another case, the judge improperly instructed the jury on an element of the crime and the Washington Supreme Court unanimously reversed his conviction. State v. Jackman, 156 Wn.2d 736, 132 P.3d 136 (2006).

Drug & Firearm Cases

Many drug and firearm cases involve complex issues of search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment.  Other cases involve confessions and Miranda rights.  Mr. Weaver completely understands the law of search and seizure, having argued such issues in the Supreme Court, e.g. State v. Eserjose, 171 Wn.2d 907, 259 P.3d 172 (2011), and Court of Appeals. E.g. State v. Aase, 121 Wn.App. 558, 89 P.3d 721 (2004); State v. E.K.P., 162 Wn. App. 675, 255 P.3d 870 (2011).

Juvenile Law Experience

Mr. Weaver also has experience in juvenile law.  In one case, a 17-year-old juvenile was improperly convicted as an adult and Mr. Weaver appeal the Washington Supreme Court resulted in a 9-0 unanimous decision to send the case back to juvenile court.  State v. Mora, 138 Wn.2d 43, 977 P.2d 564 (1999).